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In celebration of National Pie Day (23rd January), we want to take you on a journey to discover the Best Pie in Iceland. The best pizza pie that is.

Eldofninn pizzeria is a fantastic family owned pizzeria located in Efstaland, Reykjavik. Read further, you might want to drop what you’re doing and take the trip of your life to taste the best pie in Iceland.

Here’s what the owners of Eldofninn have to say about their Icelandic-Italian pizzas:

“We went to Italy to get the real spirit of Italian Pizza, we got some great tips that were awesome and we put them into our own business...  

  1. Make it real

  2. Wood burning oven

  3. Authentic Margherita Pizza with Mozzarella, (Icelandic of course and we are proud of it)

  4. Fresh Basil (also Icelandic)

  5. Dash of olive oil simply “perfecto”

  6. Make our own sauce so customers can be sure of the ingredients, no artificial anything...

  7. Homemade dough.

  8. Family owned and nurtured

  9. Family disputes every now and again.

We have our own open kitchen so you can see the whole procedure, nothing hidden. A whole new experience in a friendly environment - you can dine inside or take away, your choice.”

Get a taste of the traditional Icelandic delicacies in our new eBook, The Icelandic eBook for Foodies.

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