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There are lots of great activities on offer and places to see on your family trip to Iceland. We have a few of TripCreator’s family favourites to share so take a look and explore your ideal trip for your Summer getaway...

Here is our list of TOP family adventures in Iceland

1. Farmfun at Hraunkot 

Hraunkot Family Fun

Photo by Hraunkot

This family fun tour lets you milk cows, and you can even taste fresh warm milk if you want to! You’ll visit the calves and lambs and feed them milk and hay. Then roam through the farmyard for chickens. When the fun farmyard work is done you will enjoy a hot cup of coffee/tea and some Icelandic baked goods with the family. Visit the horse, Fálki, in the paddock where he’ll take you by carriage through the farmlands.

2. Horse Theatre 

Family adventures in Iceland

Photo by Fákasel

This adventure is something for everyone as the evening tour takes you to the area of Hveragerði to see the Icelandic Horse Park Fákasel. Between the multimedia Horse Theater performance “Legends of Sleipnir” - which is equal parts horse exhibition and theatrical performance and the luxury restaurant, this evening tour is a must see for absolutely everyone. The show, Legends of Sleipnir, uses original music and video on the huge screen to weave together theater, history, Norse mythology and exhibition riding on the enormous stage, to exhibit how the Icelandic horse is completely unique, and how it has been an integral part of the Icelandic nation, history and culture.

3. Reindeer Safari 

Family adventures in Iceland

Photo by Travel East

Have you ever wanted to see a real reindeer up close? You can with the Reindeer Safari tour! This Safari is run by a local guide who is specialized in tracking down these majestic animals. Go searching for the reindeers and find the best spots to watch and photograph them in their natural environment.

4. Troll, Elves and Stories 

Family adventures in Iceland

Photo by Ísafjörður Guide

This is great adventure based in the small town of Ísafjörður. This unusually well-preserved city center dates from the 19th century and still reflects its charming history, that remains alive in the legends and stories. This special tour guide takes you on a walk through the city and up to the slopes above Ísafjörður. Your mystical guide will show you interesting places, give you an insight into the history of Ísafjörður and tell tales and stories of ancient and modern times. You might experience a slight shudder when told of ghosts and, as well, fascination with the mystical creatures you will hear about in the tales. On the mountain slopes above the town, in  the middle of nature, you will see the locations of our stories about trolls, elves, ghosts and people, while enjoying the beautiful view over the fjord and the surrounding valleys.

There are so many adventures and activities waiting for you to explore at TripCreator. Discover more adventures in our eBook - An Action Packed Icelandic Getaway - and start planning the trip of a lifetime.



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