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Travelling to Iceland with kids? Are you looking for fun things for the family to do on your Iceland holiday?Consider planning a rendez vous with the Icelandic horse, a great fun for travellers of all ages.  Horse riding tours are among the most popular things to do in Iceland and you you can also see them in a horse theatre or just grazing happily along the country roads.

Horse riding in Iceland

The Icelandic horse is rather small and many think it is a pony, but is actually a proper horse. Even though they are small, Icelandic horses live long, are very strong and hardy and still play an important role in traditional farm work. The best thing about the Icelandic horse is that it has such a wonderful and loving personality and very good with kids.

Most horse rentals in Iceland are very professional so each member of your family will get to ride a horse fitting their age and experience. Security is important so you will wear a helmet and and will be accompanied by an experienced guide.

Find the tour that appeals to you and book early to secure your spot on an Icelandic horse riding adventure. It is an experience not to be missed!

Horseback riding is the best way to enjoy the beautiful nature of Iceland and the pure Icelandic air and it offers the best family adventure. You will find horse rentals and horse riding tours all around the country, but you don’t have to venture far into the countryside to meet the horses.  You can even enjoy daily riding tours from Reykjavík City. 

Meet the Icelandic horse

TripCreator offers many types of horseback rides in Iceland:

If you are looking for more family friendly activities for your Iceland trip, you should consider also adding a whale watching tour to your plan.


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