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Photo by Neil MacWilliams

Iceland is famous for their music, culture and art festivals. February is no exception as there are lots of festivities and fun taking place around the country, especially in Reykjavík City.

Whether you love your food, love adventure or want to relax, there’s something for everyone this February in Iceland.

Festivals coming up

  • Winter Lights Festival (Feb 5th to 8th) - This is something to brighten up the long and dark Icelandic winter months as it promises a superb collection of sparkling events. Winter Lights Festival takes place at different venues all around Reykjavík. Here is the full list events at

  • Bolludagur/Bun Day (Feb 16th) - This is a great Icelandic tradition featuring a range of tasty buns with different fillings and icings. Every shop, bakery, café and other eateries in Reykjavik City offer these delicacies so you will not miss out.

Did you know… Children wake up early in the morning to sneak into their parents room and smack them on the bottom with a Bun Bat to get lots of buns for breakfast.

  • Sprengidagur/Bursting Day (Feb 17th) - This takes place each year on Shrove Tuesday. Locals celebrate bursting day by eating salted meat and peas to the point of popping! Many restaurants around Iceland participate in this tradition and offer salted lamb meat in a pea soup.

  • Ash Wednesday (Feb 18th) - This day is espacially fun for the younger generations. Children dress up in costumes and roam around town, singing for shopowners and neighbours. As a reward for their song, they get some candy or other small gifts. Kids also make small bags of ash that they try to hang on the backs of strangers. 
  • Food and Fun Festival (Feb 25th to March 1st) - Iceland is attracting many leading chefs from around the world to cook at restaurants throughout Reykjavík for this week-long gastronomic event. The festival picks up where the Feast of Thorri ends.

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