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There are many adventurous activities in Iceland to take advantage of! Some of these tours include Quad Biking and riding an ATV through the wild Icelandic terrain.

1. Quad Mad tour

Quad bikes in Iceland

Photo by Safari Quad

takes you quad biking through Mosfellsdalur Valley, along Reykjavik’s signature mountain, Esja. This adrenaline pumping Quad Mad Tour takes you through the countryside which changes to wilderness, conquering mountain tops and crossing rivers on the way. Expect to be taken off the beaten tracks on gravel roads, rocky and muddy terrain, crossing rivers and old bridges down the beautiful back-country of Reykjavík. Just a few minutes from the city, you get the feeling to be in the middle of nowhere.

2. ATV Lava Beach 

is another great adventure that takes you through the geothermal area of Krísuvík on the Reykjanes Peninsula over the mountain Festarfjall and to the beach Selatangar. ATV Lava Beach is an amazing mountain safari! You will ride the ATV through lava and black sand and up onto the mountain Hagafell, where you’ll get an amazing view over the Blue Lagoon and the island of Eldey.

3. ATV Trip to the Moon

Have you ever dreamed about taking a trip to the moon? We have the next best thing in Iceland! Take a ride through the Reykjanes peninsula and see the Reykjanes tip, the Reykjanes lighthouse and parts of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that lies between the continents of North America and Europe. The tour takes you along the beach of Sandvík, a black sandy beach where Clint Eastwood shot his film Flags of Our Fathers.

4. Twin Peaks

is an ATV tour that rides across an asphalt road along beautiful lake Hafravatn before heading up a mountain trail to the top of Hafrafell. Relax and enjoy the great view over the whole Reykjavík area and the surrounding mountain range. After this first hour on the ATV, you will get more confident and we can head safely to Mountain Úlfarsfell where the view over Reykjavik, the bay area and Reykjanes Peninsula is even more stunning. On a clear day you will even be able to see Snæfellsjökull glacier, hundreds of kilometers away.

5. Mountain Safari

is a great quad bike/ATV tour around Reykjavik. exploring the peaceful scenic outback of the capital city of Iceland. This enjoyable adventure tour is just 15 minutes from most hotels in Reykjavik and is fun for the whole family. Ideal for beginners, Mountain Safari gives you something new while enjoying the outdoors. Ride along beautiful lake Hafravatn before heading up a mountain trail to the top of Hafrafell.

Take a look at the fantastic exciting and energetic Quad Bike and AVT tours we have at TripCreator and book the adventure of a lifetime!

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