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Iceland is a culture hub that sizzles with music, culture and the arts. This Summer you can expect some amazing music festivals taking place throughout the sunny Season. Stop by and make Iceland your next adventure festival destination.


Photo by Bernard McManus

Iceland's top summer music festivals in 2015

  • Reykjavik’s Blues Festival (28. March - 2. April) 

    is all about Blues jazz featuring the country's top blues musicians performing in the City Library amongst other special events throughout the week.

  • I Never Went South - The People’s Rock Festival (3. - 4. April)

    is Europe’s nicest, most remote festival. It is held in the town Ísafjörður in the far north-western Westfjords. The festival traces its origins to a conversation between son and father musicians Mugison and Papamug, over a beer in London in 2003. The aim of the festival is to celebrate local musicians and this year you will be able to enjoy the likes of Prins Póló, Pink Street Boys, Mugison and Hemúllinn.

  • Tectonics Music Festival (16. - 17. April)

    is curated by Ilan Volkov and proudly presented by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. This musical event takes place in Reykjavik's Harpa Concert Hall. Harpa comes to life with 17 concerts and events featuring more than 150 musicians, composers and amateurs. Tectonics will present different genres of music; classical and electronic music, improvisation, noise and many more. 3 different halls will be used to present orchestral, ensemble, chamber, solo music, sound installations and films.

  • Reykjavik Art Festival (13. May - 3. June)

    is celebrating it’s 29th anniversary this year. You’ll get a real treat of Icelandic and international culture in all fields of art. The Festival programs offer a range of concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions, dance and opera. In combination with its focus on Icelandic culture, past and present, the Festival has hosted many outstanding international artists and performers.

  • Reykjavik Midsummer Music (18. - 21. June)

    festival takes place in the wonderful Harpa Concert Hall this June. This award-winning chamber music festival is directed by Víkingur Heiðar Ólafsson. “This festival features some of the best and the brightest from Iceland’s vibrant music scene, bringing them together with stars from the international concert stage for a few days of beauty and brilliance in downtown Reykjavík.” -

  • Secret Solstice 2015 (19. - 22. June)

    is a highly anticipated music festival taking place this Summer. Secret Solstice will host over a hundred artists both local and international from a various array of genres. The festival showcases both established artists as well as exciting up-and-coming talent over the course of three days in the 24 hour midnight sun during the summer solstice. It's themed after the Nordic religion and mythology of old. With great bands like The Whalers, Charles Barkley, Artwork, Ham and DJ Zero 7, this is due to be a fantastic party event.

  • Folk Music Festival (1. - 5. July)

    takes place in Siglufjordur, Northern Iceland. Artists from different countries around the World take part in the festival, performing concerts, courses and lectures for Folk Music Festival goers.

  • Bræðslan (25. July)

    Music Festival takes place in a tiny seaside town in the Northwest of Iceland called Borgarfjörður-Eystri. This village is surrounding by elves, trolls and sea creature folklore, the perfect setting for the gathering of Bræðslan Music Festival. The festival features local and national bands, as well as musicians and bands from around Europe.

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