Autumn is a beautiful season in Iceland, when the mountains and trees change colors and take on various shades of red, yellow and brown. For many Icelanders, this is their favorite season. This is also the season of rounding up sheep from the mountains and bringing them back home for the winter. For most of the year, sheep are free to roam the mountains and valleys but come September they are all herded and brought home for the winter.

The sheep roundup action takes place in more than 170 corrals all around Iceland, and each roundup (called réttir in Icelandic) can truly be called a cultural festival since it has deep roots in Icelandic culture. Farmers invite their families and friends to come help out with gathering the sheep up for the winter. In fact, everyone is invited and this has become a very popular tourist attraction as well, and truly a memorable one.

There is definitely something unique in getting up close with thousands of sheep and even joining in on the action. Each individual sheep has a mark on their ear and every farmer knows ‘their’ marks, meaning that they have to go into the crowd and find their sheep and then move them to a chamber or slot within the corral. This is where the action starts and everyone is invited!

Our map of sheep roundups in Iceland (with dates and times)

There are over 170 sheep corrals around Iceland, and to help you find a roundup event close by, TripCreator has made a map of the corrals, with dates and times for each roundup. We hope this helps you to locate the nearest corrals and be a part of a truly unique roundup experience.

Click on each map marker to view dates and times. You can also use the “Pick a date” dropdown to only see markers for specific dates.

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Based on data from Bændablaðið.

If you go to any sheep roundups in Iceland, have fun, and remember to use the #tripcreator hashtag on your photos — we would love to see and share them.

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