Iceland isn’t known as the Land of Fire and Ice for nothing, since it’s studded with glaciers and volcanoes, but based on its best Instagram feeds, it could also be known as the land of dazzling aurora flares, aerial drone shots, bearded and/or snow-suited explorers, happy people in far-flung hot springs, and closeups of puffins, berries and fuzzy horses. Treat yourself to a virtual trip around this fascinating island nation, and you’ll soon be planning your own exciting adventures here.

Here are the best Iceland instagram accounts to follow.

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The official Instagram account of Iceland’s national airline, @icelandair uses the hashtag #MyStopover to showcase some of the most magical, captivating Insta-images of Iceland, and credits each photographer — some of which you’ll find in this post. This engaging feed will inspire you to take a seat all over Iceland: inside icy blue Langjökull glacier, on the basalt columns of Reynisfjara, in a sea kayak somehwere off the pristine coast of Ísafjörður, or even in Icelandair’s roomy Saga Class.

Twenty-three years old and a dyed-in-the-wool Icelandic hipster, Reykjavik photographer Benjamin Hardman (@benjaminhardman) creates soft, gray, and moody images of Iceland (and occasionally, Greenland) that tourists rarely see. Stand on the edge of a glacial canyon, come face to face with an arctic fox, wander the mountain spines of the Highlands amidst plumes of geothermal steam, or revel in the solar flares of the aurora from the back of a van.

Enjoying the evening sun in Harpa #helloreykjavik #iceland #reykjavik #harpa

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Blogger and tour guide Auður is @iheartreykjavik because, well, she hearts Reykjavik — and the rest of Iceland, too. She fills her frames with happy groups of tour guests, wildflowers, street art, puffins, local felines (check out @baktusthecat, who often naps at the Icewear store in Austurstræti), and fun tips like where to find a Bollywood dance class in the capital.

Evening bike ride #reykjavik #lookingnorth #iceland #biking #niceweather #igers_iceland

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Norwegian expat, Reykjavik resident and architect Hans-Olav (@solavander) has a keen eye for the spare lines and quiet spaces of Iceland. Most of his photos include more sky than earth, quirkily illustrating the gentle melancholy of a largely wild country inhabited by just 330,000 people. When he turns his lens to people and street art, though, he brings a riot of color and a sense of playfulness to his lovely feed.

Skrítla in the sunset.

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With a handle like @farmlifeiceland, it’s not surprising to find images of livestock — but young farmer Pálína Njarðvík has a special knack for capturing animals’ personalities and her connections with them. (She also has some great shots of waterfalls, but this is Iceland.) Her whimsical photos of sheep, goats, puppies, curious cows, and shaggy horses (like her own 32-year-old and stubby steed, Mani) are sure to make you smile, as well as contemplate the beauty of Icelandic country living.

Horses on a beautiful clear day last winter. #Iceland #icelandichorse

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Icelandic photographer Árni Víđir Hjartarson (@absolute_iceland) has a passion for warm light, dramatic moments like the Strokkur geyser at its peak, and absolutely adorable animals like winter-woolly Icelandic horses and his own Labrador, Nero. Occasionally, he throws in a funny, irreverent caption; for instance, one fluffy sheep amidst her huge flock looks right into the camera, and Hjartarson writes, “All of a sudden Lucy realised that maybe she wasn’t that unique after all.”

If you have two friends in your lifetime, you're lucky. If you have one good friend, you're more than lucky.

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Icelandic photographer and filmmaker Garðar Ólafs (@gardarolafsphotography) is stunningly talented, capturing sharp, clear images of lushly landscaped sod houses, smooth-feathered puffins, violet lupines and the eerily glowing Northern Lights that could easily be used as postcards. He sometimes employs a DJI Phantom 4 drone to take epic aerial shots of waterfalls and craggy coastlines, and his snow-dusted selfies may make you long for winter.

Jeannie (@lifewithaview15) and her husband of three years sold everything they owned and moved from Wisconsin to Iceland, where she writes the travel blog Life With a View in the hope of convincing you to fall in love with the country as she has. Her feed’s gorgeous photos help to make her case: drenched in color and often taken from just behind her back, they make you feel as if you could ease right into a hot spring, step onto a basalt column, or climb a volcanic peak for a seemingly endless view of wild waves on a black-sand beach.

With images published by the likes of NASA, National Geographic, and the BBC, it’s not too surprising that Icelandic photographer Arnar Kristjansson (@arnarkristjans_photography) has the skills to knock off your hand-knitted sheep’s wool socks. His version of Iceland looks like a dream, with aurora swirls of acid green, glowing pink-orange-lilac sunsets, and soft, high-speed captures of massive waterfalls like the far north’s Goðafoss. His work (and that of his partner, @simona_br_photography, who herself has a beautiful feed) can be purchased at Beyond the Lands.

The warm glow of the sun on the horizon gives some color to what would be a lifeless rock face. Golden hour is ❤.

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Icelandic landscape photographer Iurie Belegurschi (@iuriebelegurschi) leads photo tours throughout his country, but his gobsmacking, deeply saturated feed allows you to enjoy a virtual one from the comfort of your smartphone. He takes you this close to glacial caves, rushing falls, molten lava, puffins and fumaroles, and will amaze you with sweeping, glowing aerial shots over mountains, lakes and remote fishing villages, as well as the dazzling Milky Way.

Private tour guide Kristján Pétur Vilhelmsson (@kristjanpv) has a thing for the sky: many of his photos include only a sliver of terra firma, favoring the Northern Lights, dramatic cloudscapes and rainbows. However, the golden-bearded Vilhelmsson and his adorable young daughter also make frequent appearances, as do elements of his tours, like family picnics on volcanic rocks, pizza cooked over a beach bonfire, or glimpses of curious seals from the tip of a sea kayak.

Enjoying the last stretch of green before the change of seasons. #iceland

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Icelandic photographer Gunnar Freyr is @icelandic_explorer, sharing images of his country’s landscapes and animals that are dynamic, moodily-filtered — or sometimes both. An avid hiker, he journeys to exciting spots like huge, jagged Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon or the heavily-fissured, still active Lakagígur volcano crater (both set in the southeast). His words are eloquent, inspiring you to note the changing seasons or take a deep breath and rest your soul with a bit of quiet reflection.

Welcome to Iceland 🇮🇸, I'll be your guide Photo by @walywalou #igersiceland

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The @igers_iceland feed pulls together the talents of a wide array of Icelandic photographers, either on their own or through organized Instameets. If you’ve always wanted to see a girl in a fox mask perched atop the DC-3 plane wreckage at Sólheimasandur, a pale-skinned swimmer floating in the remote Laugafell hot springs, or an aerial view of a lush little island with just one whitewashed house, look no further. Most of these gems are labeled with their location, so they can help you plan cool, off the beaten path excursions around the Land of Fire and Ice.

Northern Lights in Iceland last night at #kirkjufellsfossar season coming in with a blast, amazing light show all night…. 🌙

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Icelandic commercial photographer Oli Haukur Myrdal (@ozzophotography) captures highly saturated photos of Icelandic landscapes that are so colorful, they seem almost magical. Often taken with sophisticated drones like the Sony A7rii and Matrice 600 (and including silhouettes of Myrdal and his friends with climbing gear or surfboards), his photos offer you thrilling views of steaming volcano craters, jagged coastlines, the green Northern Lights, and bright blue glacier fields.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the 43-year-old, unnamed photographer behind @mylifeasahelicopterpilot is a helicopter pilot, but it doesn’t make his sunny-bright images of coasts and canyons out the window of his cockpit, views way above Reykjavik’s downtown, or of his chopper perched atop Eyjafjallajökull crater any less exciting. You may love your job, but probably not as much as this guy.

Mount Kistufell. #iceland #viciousXplore

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Just when you think Icelandic photographer/visual artist Sig Vicious (@sigvicious) is all about lonely landscapes with pale filters, he posts a sparkle-studded unicorn guy from a Pride parade or fire-breathers from the Secret Solstice. Some of his captions are funny (of a smooth boardwalk over a volcano crater, he says “When you want to go hiking but only brought your A-game kicks”) and all of his polished photos of architecture (like Reykjavik’s Harpa concert hall lit up in blue at night) are likely the best those buildings have ever looked.

My kind of wine Wednesday 🍷💁🏼😊 #unlockingiceland

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An 26-year-old woman from Oregon who followed her heart to (a guy in) Iceland, Kaelene (@unlockingkiki) shares special experiences and insider tips in Iceland from a foreigner’s perspective. Her feed’s crisp, bright and deeply saturated images are generally taken by her boyfriend, and capture the beautiful blonde soaking in natural hot springs, hiking in Landmannalaugar, strolling the streets of Reykjavik, and jumping for joy all over the country.


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Vala Halldorsdottir (@valahalldorsdottir) is a beautiful blue-eyed brunette from Iceland who travels the country with her beloved dark-blond-bearded boyfriend, capturing him with one foot atop a whale beached on south-coast black sand, heli-skiing in full snow gear, or posed beside a fishing boat in a jaunty cap and skinny jeans. Many of her soft, friendly and sometimes quirky images paint fun pictures of Iceland’s youth, from a Game of Thrones dress-up day at her work to Zorb-ball adventures in Reykjavik’s Klambratún park.

#arnarstapi #snæfellsnes #snæfellsjökull #sunset #sea #iceland #nature

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Reykjavik mom and photographer Anna Sig (@annasig) pays close attention to Iceland’s details: the only house on a craggy crop of the coast, a concrete replica of the lion’s fountain in the Alhambra at Samúel Jónsson’s art museum in Selárdalur, lonely cairns stacked on volcanic plains, a handful of blueberries, and morning summer sunshine glowing through lupine petals on a dew-damp valley hillside. Her feed is peppered with photos of her feisty black-and-white sheepdog and stunning landscapes of canyons, waterfalls, lakes and roads, always resolutely in Iceland.

Curated by TripCreator, A Glimpse of Iceland shares photos from travelers and locals, highlighting the best of Iceland, one small glimpse at a time. You’ll see photos of Reykjavik street art mixed in with sweeping landscape shots, all with an eye to sharing little bits of what makes Iceland so special.

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