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Icelandic_(1)You have booked your winter break to Iceland, but what do you need to bring to help make your holiday as magical as possible? Here are a few things to put on your list; now all you need to do is go enjoy it.

  1. The proper clothing - There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. In winter, the temperature rarely goes much above 0, so dress (and pack) sensibly. As the weather is changeable, layer up and bring a fleece, rain jacket or waterproof coat, and rain-proof trousers if you plan to hike. It may get too windy for umbrellas. If you seek adventure in the interior, bring thermal underwear and woollen socks too.

    1. Bring a warm hat and gloves to keep you cosy in cold winds.

    2. Waterproof footwear with good grip is important too, even in towns – icy streets get slippy, as do gravel paths and trails or those near the many waterfalls.

  2. A small rucksack - you may find yourself changing clothes combinations, so have somewhere to put them.

  3. A bathing suit – The geothermal pools are enjoyed all year round and make for a great luxury break - relaxing in beautiful surroundings can make for a romantic experience. Bring shampoo and conditioner too though – those minerals play havoc with your hair.

  4. Sunglasses - the sun’s position in the sky can cause a glare, especially around snow or glaciers.

  5. Something neat - For nightlife, bring nice (but sensible) clothes – though most places are casual, the locals can be effortlessly stylish.

  6. Have a plan - know what you want to do and book activities, tours or experiences in advance on so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself as soon as you arrive.

  7. A sense of adventure - Iceland offers experiences that most other countries can’t, so embrace your wild side. Whether it’s hiking or snowmobiling on a glacier, exploring ice caves, scuba diving under ice, horse riding, heading inland to see the Northern Lights, or simply sampling the native fire-water Brennivín, be ready to try something new.

And there you have the Icelandic Winter Travel Planning Checklist. We hope you enjoyed it!

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Iceland Made Easy


Photo by Moyan Brenn



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