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Iceland is a very family friendly destination. It has been voted as the safest and most peaceful country in the world and kids are welcome everywhere. Reykjavík City offers many interesting activites that are suitable for the whole family and parents will enjoy just as much as the kids. Most restaurants welcome kids and quite many of them have decorated special kids sections with toys, TVs or computer games. Many restaurants also have a separate kid friendly menu. Enjoy quality time with your family on a Reykjavík city break and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Here is our list of Top 10 Things to do in Reykjavík with Kids:

1. Splash around in swimming pools

Family Fun in Iceland - Swimming

Swimming is very rich in the Icelandic culture and there are a great number of high quality swimming pools around the city. Most of the swimming pools are outdoors and geothermally heated. The pools are fed with fresh, clear water and most of them have separate kid's pools with water slides, fountains another toys. The facilities also offer steam baths, hot tubs and jacuzzis for mum and dad to relax in. A visit to a swimming pool is an absolute must, the kids will love it.

2. Visit the Reykjavík Zoo and Family Park

Family Fun in Iceland - Zoo

A day in this place is a time well spent. The Reykjavik Zoo and Family Park consists of two main areas, the zoo where you’ll find all the main Icelandic domestic animals and some wild ones too, including reindeers, minks, foxes and seals. The other area is the family recreation area where you’ll find all sorts of fun stuff for children of all ages like a playground and some soft rides. Your kids will enjoy petting the animals and running around in the playground. You can bring your own snacks to eat in the park or buy some from the cafeteria. The facilities even offers a grill for guests to use. Just remember to allocate enough time in this place because the kids will want to stay here forever.

3. Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach

Family Fun in Icleand - Nauthólsvík

The small sandy arc of Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach, on the edge of the Atlantic, gets packed on sunny summer days. Here you will see children playing in the golden sand and parents relaxing or 'licking the sun', as we say in Iceland. Geothermal water is fed to the closed cove, so the water never gets too cold. The facilities also offer two hot tubs where the water keeps a comfortable constat ant around 38°C. There is no admission fee to the beach and changing facilities are also free to use. Nauthólsvík Beach is a fun stop for families in summer or winter. 

4. Go on a Whale Watching Tour

Family Fun in Iceland - Whale Watching

If the weather is nice then a whale watching tour can be the cherry on your otherwise perfect Iceland trip. Sailing on the Faxaflói Bay can be quite amazing in it self and seeing the whales in their natural habitat is an experience beyond unique. Your kids will enjoy the excitement of spotting these giant beings from a far and seeing how close the boat can get to them. Just remember to bring warm cloths as it can get very cold out on sea. You can bring your own snacks or buy some on the boat.

5. Meet the Icelandic Horses

Family Fun in Iceland - Horse Riding

Consider planning a rendez vous with the Icelandic horse, a great fun for travellers of all ages.  Horse riding tours are among the most popular things to do in Iceland and you you can also see them in a horse theatre or just grazing happily along the country roads. You can choose from a variety of tours and find the one that fits your family's needs. The Icelandic horse is very gentle and charismatic so even the smallest in your group can enjoy being around them.

6. Visit the National Museum of Iceland

Family Fun in Iceland - National Museum

This is the oldest museum in the country, a home to Icelandic historical treasures. The museum displays artefacts from Settlement to the modern age. It gives an in-depth overview of Icelandic history, culture and heritage and you can get an audio guide that guides you through the exhibitions and adds important details. The exhibitions are interactive and they even have a children's section where the kids can play with the items and try on different costumes. 

7. Step back in time at the Árbæjarsafn Historical Museum

Family Fun in Iceland - Árbæjarsafn

Photo by Minjasafn Reykjavíkur

Árbæjarsafn is an open air historical museum. Its purpose is to give the public an insight into the living conditions, work and recreational activities of the people of Reykjavík in earlier times. Here you can visit old Icelandic houses and see how families used to live and what conditions were like for them. The museum offers a special exhibition of toys, and the children can play freely with the them. You can bring your own snacks to eat on the premises or you can sit down for a warm cup of cocoa and a waffle at the lovely café. 

8. Feed the Ducks

Family Fun in Iceland - Ducks

Photo by OhheyIceland

In the Reykjavík city centre you will find a pond. The pond is inhabited by ducks, geese, swans, seagulls and other birds. Families often come to the pond to feed the ducks. This can be quite an experience for the smallest children in your group. Bring a loaf of bread, some corn or pellets and the birds will be eating from your hand (literally).

9. Eat Some Delicious Ice Cream

Family Fun in Iceland - Ice Cream

Icelanders know how to make delicious ice cream. They feast on their ice cream in all kinds of weather, come rain or come shine. Different flavours with all sorts of toppings will leave you spoilt for choice and your sweet tooth satisfied. There are many ice cream parlours and stores in Reykjavík so you can be sore to find one on your travels in the city. Your kids will be ever so grateful if you treat them to this delicacy. 

10. Whales of Iceland Museum

Family fun in Icleand - Whales
The Whales of Iceland exhibition is the largest of its kind in Europe, and possibly the world.  The aim of the museum is to leave guests with a unique experience where they can learn about whales in spectacular surroundings. Guests are left reinvigorated both in body and spirit and the exhibitions lets you see how enourmos the wales really are. Visiting the museum is like entering a magical world and your kids will be left speachless and in awe of these giant creatures. 
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