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We’re sure you’ve heard of how breathtaking and unusual Iceland is. This nordic Island is a remote haven that lies between the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans.

With this, Iceland attracts adventure and thrill seekers from around the World, taking part in wild activities that you always dreamed of trying. Now you can!

Top 5 Adventure Activities in Icleand

Photo by Paragliding Iceland

Here are TripCreator’s Top 5 Adventure Activities

1. Go Whale Watching 

get within feet of over 23 different whale species jumping out of the water with Reykjavik Whale Watching tour.

2. Take Reykjavik Bike Tour

explore the lava surrounding Mt. Helgafell volcano and ride through lava fields across beautiful hillsides to the old Kaldársel sheep corral or to Lake Hvaleyrarvatn,

3. ATV and Jeep tours

lets you ride between lava and black sand and up onto the mountain Hagafell to get a good view of the Blue Lagoon and the island of Eldey.

4. Paraglide over Iceland 

Take a tour paragliding and be part of a group, a student of aviation, an explorer. Experience Iceland from a stunning new perspective; the bird’s eye view. Tours are based on the freedom of flight, so go where the wind takes you!

5. Cave Exploration 

Explore the mystical world of darkness and ice in the Lofthellir cave. The Icelandic lava cave boasts the greatest natural ice sculptures.

Start your amazing adventure with TripCreator.

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