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Reykjavík is a small and wonderful city. Despite the size, Reykjavík is a very cosmopolitan place, the perfect destination for your weekend getaway or a city break. The city combines vibrant culture and city life with the appealing atmosphere of a small village. Here you have world-class restaurants, amazing designers and art studios, beautiful museums and excursions and activities for your fun-packed holiday. One of the city’s biggest charms is also its closeness to nature. You have a terrific view of the ocean or the surrounding mountains from almost everywhere in Reykjavík.

Add a fun and interesting city walk to your trip to Reykjavík to get to know the city from a different angle. Here are a few of the most interesting guided city walk tours that we recommend for you.


Photo by Richard Erikson

1. Reykjavík by Food

Explore the city, its food and restaurants and at the same time learn about Icelandic culinary traditions. The tour takes you around the streets and into restaurants where you will be able to taste some of the delicious and bizarre traditional Icelandic food.  This fun and interesting city walk gives you a taste of the Icelandic food you might have read about but never tried before. We highly recommend this tour for all the foodies of the world.

2. Reykjavík Through The Cat’s Eye

This tour is unlike any other. Your colourful cultural companion Birna will introduce you to Reykjavík in a very unique way. With her you will experience the Reykjavík through the cat’s eye by following his paths and you will visit unusual and original places. Birna will teach you about the past and the present of the city’s alleys, streets and its people. The cat is awake when others sleep, therefore early hours are not excluded!

3. Pink City Walk

Discover hour and where gay history in Reykjavík began, hvow the battle for equality has evolved through the years and where we are at now. Discover the city’s history and the outlook of the people who built it and those who inhabit it today. This tour will introduce you to Reykjavík’s main attractions and historical sites.  

4. The I Heart Reykjavík Walking Tour

Get to know the city with a tour recommended by the New York Times, travel bloggers from around the world and lots of happy customers. This wonderful and enlightening tour is like crash course in everything Reykjavík. The guide, Auður, makes you feel like you are out with a close friend and she can’t wait to show you this cozy little city and all its quirks. Auður has such an infectious love for Reykjavík that you are bound to fall in love too.

5. On Foot - Reykjavík City Walk

Take a slow and easy stroll around the city with retired ambassador Mr. Helgi Ágústsson, who has a deep knowledge of the city’s history and culture. He is an avid storyteller and you are sure to fall in love with Reykjavík through his stories. The tour begins at Lækjartorg Square and will take you around the most interesting buildings in the inner city of Reykjavík and you will stop at various landmark buildings.

After a exploring the culture and history of Reykjavík you will find it necessary to explore the wonderful and unique nightlife too. We have created your guide to the Hottest Nightlife and the best places to party.

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