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For all the lovers of the great outdoors, Iceland is waiting for you! The country of Fire and Ice plays host to a tonne of adventures fit for every kind of adrenaline junkie and wildlife lover, so we put together our top list of adventure activities:

Here is our list of Top 7 Outdoor Activities in Iceland

1. Whale Watch off the coast of Reykjavík 

Whale watching in Iceland
Photo by Special Tours

Reykjavík is the northernmost City in the World, and the Capital of Iceland. From Reykjavík, you can start your action packed getaway with a boat tour of the coast, catching a glimpse of Iceland’s many types of whale and dolphin species.

2. Fish on a Kayak!

Outdoor adventures in Icleand

Photo by Sea Kayak Reykjavik

Try something that you would never get the chance to try at home and catch your own fish on this kayak fishing tour.

3. Fjord Serenity

Outdoor adventures in Iceland

Photo by Arctic Adventures

This is one of the all time classic day tours from Reykjavík. The tour takes you sea kayaking on the beautiful Hvalfjörður Fjord or the historic Þingvallavatn Lake. The Hvalfjörður Fjord is a deep fjord created by the ice age glaciers, with steep 1000 metre tabletop mountains reaching for the sky. This is where the allied troops hid their submarines and battleships during WWII. The Þingvallavatn Lake is Iceland´s biggest natural lake.

4. Dive in Silfra and the Golden Circle

Outdoor adventures in Icleand

Photo by Scuba Iceland

This amazing adventure starts in Þingvellir National Park between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. You can snorkel in the beautiful Silfra fissure, known as one of the best diving sites in the world for two reasons - Silfra is a crack between the tectonic plates and you will be snorkelling right where the plates are drifting apart by 2 cm each year. Also the water in Silfra is so pure and clear that underwater visibility is over 100 metres - After the astonishing dive the tour will take you to the spectacular Geysir Geothermal Area and surrounding Golden Circle.

5. Family Rafting

Outdoor adventures in Iceland

Photo by Viking Rafting

This is a fun and relatively gentle trip that is suitable for everybody. On this West Glacial River trip, fun and scenery swirl around you to deliver an unforgettable rafting adventure in Iceland! Looking for something a little more daring?

6. Golden Grand Slam

Outdoor adventures in Iceland

Photo by Arctic Adventures

is what you’re looking for. This great river rafting tour takes you down the Hvítá river. This river has a perfectly balanced mix of beautiful, steep canyons and adrenaline pumping waves and rapids. On our way we pass through the magnificent Brúarhlöð canyon and in that stunning setting you can jump from a cliff into the river.

7. Cave Exploration in Lofthellir 

Outdoor adventures Iceland
Photo by Saga Travel

Driving to Lake Mývatn along a rugged track to the unique volcano Hverfell, you will head through a crater row of Lúdentarborgir to the roots of Mt. Hvannfell.  After a 20 minute walk across a lava field which is adorned by endless ropy lava, we reach the Lofthellir Lava Cave. Explore the underground as this cave boasts the greatest natural ice sculptures currently known in an Icelandic lava cave.

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