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Iceland is famous for many things: Whales, puffins, volcanoes, Bjork, amazing landscapes, the northern lights and much more.

One thing stands out... And that's true dance interpretation from the most unusual of places.

Cage fighting and interpretive dance are not often said in the same sentence but again, Iceland, the land of Fire and Ice is creating a first. With the combination of strength and power, the Icelandic cage fighters bring with their interpretation of the Sia song, Chandelier, a real sense of movement with controlled emotions throughout. 
The effortless choreography by Gunnar Nelson shows an often unseen talent for him to touch his more subdued feminine side. Gunnar has put himself as the number one interpretive dance choreographer not only in Iceland but across the globe. If rumors are true his upcoming collaboration with Bjork will be a much anticipated event from the Land of Fire and Ice. 

It would be wrong not to menition the performances of Árni "The Ice Viking" Ísaksson, Þráinn Kolbeinsson and Henning Jónasson. While this reviewer has never seen a cage fight I have witnessed one of the most powerful and exquisite performances by these men. My only regret is that the "Notorious" Conor McGregor wasn't available to add his flair and balletic skill to Gunnar's choreography. We can only look forward and hope to see them all together soon.   

Create your trip to Iceland to see more of Gunnars wonderful choreography.



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