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The Blue Lagoon is to Iceland what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. It is one of Iceland's most popular attractions and offers an extraordinary experience that will make your trip to Iceland perfect. It is one of the best things to do in Iceland and has has been named one of 25 wonders of the world. This geothermal paradise is situated in the middle of an otherworldly black lava field and the rugged nature surrounding it only adds to the unique experience.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Photo by Fellowship of the Rich

Make sure to book early

The Blue Lagoon is a very popular attraction and people often don't realise that you must book your ticket in advance to be guaranteed an entrance to the spa. Please make sure to book early if you don't want to wait in a long line and maybe have to exit without being able to enter the lagoon. That could totally ruin your day. The facility also offers wonderful spa treatments and luxury entrance packages, all of which you can book in advance online.

A unique experience

The Blue Lagoon is the perfect place to treat yourself and be pampered for a day. Soak in the warm geothermal water and wash away your worries and stress. The water keeps a constant relaxing temperature around 37°C (98°F) and is rich in blue-green algae, minerals, salts and fine silica mud, which exfoliate and condition your skin. The lagoon’s extraordinary environment and pure Icelandic air make your visit a truly unique one. The lagoon is the perfect location for a romantic getaway and you can enjoy high-end cuisine in the world-class Lava restaurant. THere is also a buiticue whithin the facilities where you can by all sorts of cremes, facial masks and body lotions for you to bring back home!

Family friendly

The Blue Lagoon welcomes kids of all ages and entering the blue water makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale of some sort. Kids will enjoy swimming around in the rather large pool, sensing the different temperatures in different palces, feeling the sand between their toes, discovering the cave and the standing under the waterfall. Smearing their faces with the white silica mud will be the cherry on top of this experience.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Photo by Sarah Ackerman

Highlights of the Blue Lagoon natural spa:

  • Floating in the milky blue water
  • Rubbing the white silica mud on your face
  • Receiving a soothing massage
  • Beautiful modern architecture
  • Exotic surroundings
  • World class restaurant
  • Rooftop viewpoint

Access to the Blue Lagoon is easy by bus or car and it is located only a few minutes from Keflavík International Airport and forty minutes from Reykjavík.


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