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We naturally look for advice when planning a holiday, especially to a country we have never been to. But not all of that advice is good - some can be misleading or overly cautious, and can affect your enjoyment.

Here are some of the worst suggestions we have heard:

‘That’s too touristy, don’t do it’ – Certain sights, experiences or tours attract a lot of visitors, but the most popular are popular because they offer something memorable and show insights into what makes a place unique. For instance, people want to go on Iceland’s Golden Circle tour because it shows visitors many aspects of the country’s amazing geography and history. Likewise, the geothermal pools combine luxury with a unique experience. Why not embrace what makes a place famous?

Having said that, don’t overcrowd your itinerary – you want a holiday, not an endurance race, so choose the things you most want to do and enjoy them at your own pace. Leave room for the unexpected or a change of mind, though. Iceland has surprises at every turn.  

‘You can organise what to do and where to stay on arrival’ – While it can be great to fly by the seat of your pants, there is always something to be said for planning your accommodation and a rough itinerary in advance. With TripCreator, for example, you can tailor your stay, whether it’s a romantic weekend break, luxury getaway or a family holiday, by locating the best accommodation and activities, so your time can be spent enjoying all your trip has to offer.

‘Look for the cheapest deal’ – No, look for the deal that suits you. While we all want to keep costs down, to plan your trip see what fits your schedule. Cheap deals can be great, but often leave you scampering to make a flight or tour, while the accommodation offered may not suit a romantic break or family holiday.

‘Why go there? It’s too cold/expensive/different’ – Ignore naysayers. A holiday should take us away from the norm, offering us unique sights and experiences, so why not go somewhere new and exciting?

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